my black friday deals=)

  1. ok these arent exactly fancy designer... but i thought they were great deals! here are my black friday finds=) finally have more professional looking shoes that are relatively comfy, now i just gotta learn how to walk in them and not die after a day of work! hehe
    Steven by steve madden shoes at Marshalls for $40
    Cole Haan collection shoes at outlet for $85.. marked down from 350!
    DSCN0068.JPG DSCN0069.JPG
  2. very cute shoes, but i adore the cole haan's.
  3. the cole haans are really cute! great find too!
  4. Those cole haans are sooo cute! Nice work!
  5. OOh the Cole Haans are really cute!
  6. very good picks!
  7. So cuuuute!!!
  8. Very cute, great deals!!
  9. They're very cute! What great deals!
  10. thanks for all the sweet remarks! gonna wear the cole haans to my interview this week, hope they give me good luck=)
  11. I love them! They are adorable!
  12. very cute cole haans!
  13. cole haan!!! they are niceeee!!!