My black First arrived!

  1. These pics are terrible...sorry! I will have to get outdoor pics tomorrow.
    Black First Front.jpg Black First back.jpg B-bag First x2.jpg
  2. looks good! :heart: :heart:
  3. Congrats!! Yum yum leather!!
  4. Love bbags in Black:heart: congratulations!
  5. oooh! Congrats! How exciting! She looks yummy!
  6. congrats :biggrin: , it's gorgeous
  7. et, congrats on your black first!:yahoo:
  8. wow i love a black first :love: im gonna own one someday :smile: congrats its lovely!
  9. 0o0o0o0 so pretty!!! congrats!!!
  10. CONGRATS ET :flowers:...... you'll LOVE your black first, she's a beauty :love::heart:
  11. Ooooh very nice! I love black bbags:heart: Congrats!
  12. The leather looks yummy and soft. Congrats and enjoy!!
  13. Congrats! So pretty!
  14. Congratulations! Wear her in the best of health!

    I wish you well,

  15. Love it, ET! You are turning into a First gal, aren't you?
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