My Black Expandable Flap Pic

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  1. Hi,
    I havent be able to find my camera lead to upload this, Chanel Boy sent me an email picture of the bag before he shipped it.
    I love my bag and I am going into Chanel in Sloane Street tomorrrow wearing it!!Lol!!! They have none in Europe left!!Lol!!! :yahoo:
    Thanks once again Chanel Boy!! :tup:
    I now have 2 fav handbag loves - Chanel and Hermes!
    Small Expandable.JPG
  2. It's gorgeous.
  3. Congrats on your great find! Chanelboy has been so helpful in feeding our addiction here...thanks! Hope to see some modeling pics of you and your new bag!:yes:
  4. Absolutely gorgeous!Enjoy!:nuts:
  5. looks fantastic! how much is it?
  6. It's so pretty, congrats!!! :tup:Chanelboy:tup:
  7. beautiful!
  8. Hi Thanks so much everyone! As soon as I find my lead, I will post more pics! The bag was $2635 plus $40 shipping, I really am happy, when it was not available anywhere in Europe, I lost a bit of hope, I started looking on eBay. Got it from Nordstroms in the US.

    I am so happy still, this forum is getting me addicted, I must get a kelly and a chanel wallet, some ballet pumps, a H belt........See, still lots to obtain!!

    Once again thanks everyone for your kind words!
  9. love your new baby!!! congrats!
  10. Love this bag more every time I see it! Congrats!
  11. Gorgeous bag! I have this in navy blue and I love it!
  12. gorgeous!
  13. I adore this bag, it's beautiful! Congrats and have tons of fun wearing it and gathering all the jealous looks! ;)
  14. congrats! i absolutely adore that bag! gorgeous color as well!
  15. absolutely gorgeous bag! i love it to bits! congrats, and ooh what hermes do you have? :smile: