My black city, please vote!


Which city should I keep?

  1. PIC A (top one)

  2. PIC B (bottom one)

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. The city that I had gotten a couple weeks ago, I returned a few days later since I wasn't really feelin' the leather, it was super super smooth, totally unlike any other of my Bal bags, I just couldn't fall in love. So, I ordered two cities sight unseen from 2 different places and they both came today and I think I know my decision, but would like my dear tpf'ers expert opinions and comments as well.
    So, here they are:
    PIC A: IMG_0148.JPG Very soft and squishy and "bubbly," slightly lighter shade of black

    PIC B: IMG_0149.JPG A bit smoother, slightly darker
  2. ^^ my vote's for bag behind door #1 :tup:
  3. I love the leather on # 1!!!
  4. LOVE the leather on A :okay:
  5. #1 for sure.:woohoo:
  6. Pic A gets my vote. YUMMY!!
  7. #1 for sure. Are they the same leather? Chevre/agneau?
  8. another vote for #1
  9. Pic A for sure!
  10. My vote's for B:smile:
  11. #1 - definitely!!
  12. i'm partial to number 2
  13. I'm loving A. :love:
  14. I'm going with the underdog and voting for B, as I generally prefer darker black leather.
  15. i like A too