My Black city just had the cutest little baby!

  1. Isn't she darling? Too bad my new coin and bg city are now wrapped and under the tree!

  2. Too cute :tender:
  3. hot combo!
  4. Awww!!! Loved the title to your thread! lol~~~

    I love the leather on your City- it's so droopy and pretty! :love:
  5. Gorgeous!! I just love coin purses! Good luck not peeking under the tree.;)
  6. LOVE it!!!!
  7. Love it. Mother and baby look so cute together.
  8. Love your Black City Shasta.:drool:
  9. cute! your city is a beauty!
  10. Congratulations on your bundle of joy!!!
  11. Thanks Nanaz & Spylove22! She is smooshy perfection!
  12. The leather is TDF!!!! Looks so smooshy and broken in. I love it!!!

  13. the leather on your coin purse looks TDF!!! Congrats!! only 16 days until you can open your goodies!!
  14. The leather on both look amazing!
  15. aww lovely!