My Black Brief Arrived... Pics!!

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  1. FINALLY, my beauty arrived! :yahoo:

    For anyone who has been pondering the Brief style... I say GO FOR IT! This is by far the most comfortably Balenciaga I have ever worn (previously owned a twiggy and city) and if/when I buy another, it will definately be a brief.

    I love the flat style, which is still roomy enough to fit HEAPS inside.

    Now - keep in mind, this time around I was on a budget (I'm a full-time student currently) so I only paid USD$700 for her.

    She didnt come with any cards or extra tassells (which is fine by me, because I dont think I will re-sell), I had to give her a clean with LMB when she arrived (all apart of the bonding process), the hardware is slightly rubbed, corners and interior are perfect and the leather is a lot thicker than any of the other bags I've had.

    All in all... you get what you pay for, but I think I got a pretty good deal on one super gorgeous and most importantly PRACTICAL bag!

    She's black, she's big - and I'm going to be using her EVERY day!

  2. Hm... I haven't even considered the Brief before.

    What do you mean by "comfortable?" On you shoulder? Or on your arm?

    The fact that it doesn't have a strap doesn't bug you?
  3. Congrats, such a great deal and beautiful bag. She will go with everything, love the classic black!
  4. I mean more comfortable on the shoulder.

    With my experience, the twiggy and city have a base frame to them, so I found that they would not sit snug unless they were nearly empty or I crushed them down with my arm. The Brief is flat so it just lays on your body, which I prefer.

    The shoulder strap doesnt bother me as I never used it anyway. I cant believe I didnt try the Brief sooner!
  5. I am over the moon! What a perfect match, you and that fabulous brief! The brief is becoming pretty popular thanks to Vanessa Hudgens (And Nanaz, of course)

    I am so happy that you are pleased!
  6. Thanks Shasta I looooove this style!

    Mine was on the way when Nanaz got hers and seeing her with it made me even more over the moon that one was on its way to me!
  7. Very nice, I have never seen this bag IRL. I do like the shape of it.
  8. what a great deal on this brief. congrats!
  9. fashion! I KNEW you would love the brief!!: AND a killer price!:yahoo:

    It looks perfect on said it, it's big with lots of room, but lays flat against the body. That's exactly why I love it too. Fits over the shoulder. Shoot, I'm in love with mine for all the same reasons you are with yours. :love:

    You do have the perfect bag. Enjoy!
  10. Ahhh Bella - I had this "feeling" about it before it even arrived... I love the 'flatness' and it still looks great full of stuff!

    Thanks heaps for reccommending... I'll think of you the next time I put her on my shoulder!

  11. remember.........hehe:upsidedown:

    Ya, think of me next time you are so able to throw her over your shoulder!:lol:

    Love it.;)

    I really love this style and plan on getting another.
  12. ah. finally someone who seems to think like me. this is one of the factors i always point out about styles such as the PT and Twiggy - for me, it's also the base and the fact that the handle drop is more much longer than say the City's. i end up preferring to hand carry the City or use the strap when the bag isn't too stuffed. also the reason why i bought the Work (this is also more comfy on the shoulders).

    and finally, i was just posting today that i actually considered the Brief in GH for the first time since my Bal induction. i still do think it's a tad big for my frame.. i'll kiv this for a later date :okay:

    congrats on your bbag! :yahoo:
  13. Bella if I get another, it will definately be in the Brief again!

    glossie I think that the Brief would be a great option for you... pending the size issue... it's soooo comfy and so practical! Perhaps trying one on would seal the deal either way!

    All I know is, I'm in love :love:
  14. oops, i meant to say the handle drop of the other styles is not much longer. unfortunately, there's only 1 Bal store where i am, and i know my 'blind' judgement has usually served me ok; of course much credit must go to the helpful members here! :heart:
  15. I knew what you meant ;)

    We dont have a single Bal store in AU - only 3-4 retailers which charge double the price!!

    So... my judgement is ALWAYS blind!