My Black Bonnie arrived today..

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  1. Ok...So my Black Bonnie arrived today.

    Im pleasantly surprised by the depth, as I can fit in all my essentials, including my large IF wallet. Its deeper than my Scarlett, which is a real bonus as I can fit my sunglasses case inside the Bonnie too, and it still closes, where as it wont with my Scarlett.

    Im happy that I can wear it under the arm, as I was doubtful that it would fit once all my stuff was inside. It looks cute on the a weeny hobo.

    The leather is so soft and smoosh-like.

    This bag is a staple that I can wear with anything, but I will be using it for evenings/parties etc. This one is definatley a keeper.

    However.....I fell sorry for poor Bonnie, as she came on the same day as Ada, and she has been overshadowed by a better bag. LOL!



  2. Bonnie is just the most ladylike little thing, isn't she? I have it in red but I LOVE yours in black! Looks so sophisticated and newwww yawwwk! :tup:
  3. She is adorable.
  4. Beautiful but too teensie weensie for me. I'll be happy with my Black Devin. Just the right size. I had a Bonnie for one short day and for me it was a Wristlet...LOL
  5. Oh Halzer, it's great! The perfect going-out-to-dinner bag.
  6. I know that VisciousBliss has'll be hearing from her, soon, I know. Love that bag, too. Love your whole fashion show.....
  7. Oh, look at the little thing, gorgeous:heart: Looks great on you, Halzer!