My black/blue matinee from Bluefly arrived...


Sep 5, 2007
First of all, my thoughts on the bag. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the box. I was starting to worry that it would be huge, but it's not. The leather is very soft and smooshy. I really like all the pockets and organization, and the blue suede really pops against the black. However, I do have a few gripes. As I suspected, it's awfully long. It's kind of tube-shaped, so when it's worn over the shoulder and you view it head on, it looks very circular and awkward. Like everyone said, the main pocket it tricky to get into. I was also a little surprised by all the excess lining fabric. It's definitely a beautiful bag, but it's not perfect for me. If I ever find it for a fantastic price, I might purchase another, but I can't justify it right now (especially in black -- I have too many black bags and have a black baskweave MAM coming! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll love that one!).

One other weird thing -- as I was going through the side pockets, I found someone's receipt. It shows the matinee and two other RM bags purchased from a boutique in LA. I thought that was kind of strange and I'm not sure what to take from it. I'm going to guess that means the bag was used, but why does the receipt show the same item (I'm assuming one wouldn't buy a 2nd black/blue matinee while carrying it)? Very weird, and it makes me wonder a bit about where the bag has been. I don't think I will be ordering from Bluefly again any time soon.

Anyway, I hope my little review helps someone! Overall I was impressed with the quality, and can't wait untill my MAM gets here!


Feb 11, 2006
That's really strange about that receipt you found.

I hope you'll love your black basketweave MAM. I think you'll enjoy the easy access of the MAM. I find it easy to get access to my keys, wallet, etc. because of the big main compartment.

Please post when your MAM arrives.


Jan 12, 2008
Congrats. it sux you didnt like it. I did find on the bag that I just got, that I did not receive a dust bag. Also, it didnt seem totally new. I have thought that its just cause bluefly is constantly getting returns and so forth. I am imagining that could be the reason. I think someone else who bought from fly had some scratches underneath the bag, but it was still gorgeous. Can u show pics?