My black birkin felt left I dressed her up...

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  1. OMGosh!! these birkins are worse than my kids..."mommy loves me best"..."no, mommy loves me best" ....but I love them both the same so here is a little attention for my black 35cm!
    black hermes_1.jpg
  2. OMG that is sooo pretty! Congrats on the new goodies. All of your additions are so gorgeous. I see the elephant, your Birkin has good luck!
  3. omg what a gorgeous bag. love it.
  4. i think i see the elephant ^o^
    really cute dress up with the scarf as well~~~~~
    congratulations on your new goodies~
  5. love the scarf!
  6. I love how that looks! So cute RC!!!
  7. Big sis looks lovely all dressed up.......

    I love the Tokyo scarf tied like that, Once again, elegantly done Rocker! Tres chic.
  8. Well I am learning from the Master...I am your little grasshopper! :0)
    (Plus ofcourse you like the scarf tied like that, you are the one who suggested it to E!):p
  9. It's the essence of casual chic! Love it!
  10. Beautiful scarf!
  11. Beautiful scarf and awesome bag. Love them all.
  12. Too funny! :smile: Both are gorgeous!
  13. So so elegant and sexy!
  14. You're killin' me rockerchic!!!

    Flawless presentation of your goodies!!!
  15. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THAT SCARF!!!!! Must resist, must resist!!! UGH!!!!