My Black Beauties

  1. I was not in the market for a black Mahala but I could not resist when I saw it on bluefly.:yahoo:

    I think jimmy looks right at home with gucci;)
    black mahala.jpg jimmy and gucci.jpg
  2. Love it! Is the bag heavy?
  3. Your shoes and bag are SERIOUSLY gorgeous!
  4. stunning! thanks for sharing
  5. Thanks cgsprings:smile: I don't think it's too heavy.The leather is thick and gives it some weight. I have a MJ Hudson that I think is alot heavier.
  6. Wow, your bag is drop-dead gorgeous! :love: I love the Jimmy Choo Mahala. I've been wanting to get one for myself. Enjoy!

    Hope you don't mind that I pasted your Mahala here real big for all to see at first glance! :yes:

  7. Congratulations! thanks for sharing
  8. Thanks Cosmopolitan:blush: The Mahala is going to be coming out in some amazing new colors for fall.You just might not be able to resist buying one:graucho: .Thanks for pasting the pic too.
  9. What fall colors have your heard about? :graucho:
  10. Deep Purple,Green Patent,and a Deep Red "Vamp" color:nuts:
    I also heard the Marcia bag is not coming back
  11. Great bag!!! I love JC! Again.. I can only dream...
  12. OMG, you're killing me here! Those colors sound great for the Mahala.

    (p.s.--I wasn't real crazy about the Marcia)
  13. OK ladies, you are getting me in some SERIOUS trouble here.... Will I have to buy one :choochoo: in every color of the rainbow?:nuts:
  14. Congratulations Samantha's Collection:party:
    Your bag is TO DIE FOR (the shoes too) but I think the Mahala makes a WONDERFUL centerpiece for your dining room table. Now your guests can admire the beauty too.:graucho:
  15. Beautiful congrats! They will look to die for with all those lovely guccis!