My black basketweave MAM from label360 arrived today!

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  1. It's my first RM, so I'm very excited. It really is a lovely bag, though there is nothing mini about it. It definitely holds all my daily essentials, plus plenty more. The basketweave trim is somewhat stiff, but the black leather is super soft and squishy. Without stuffing, it falls into itself. Anyone else that ordered one -- it has the new hardware and regular zipper. I don't usually carry satchels, so I'll have to get used to that, but I can't wait to use it! I've attached some pics; the first is with stuffing, the second is without, and the third is a haphazard modeling shot.

    Oops, never mind about the pictures. For some reason it's saying the files are too big (even though they're not) =(
  2. Ohh I think that I read somewhere that you have to edit the picture to fix it. Let me try to find the post...

    Okay soo here it is: Post 16 by HitchcockBlonde
    Steady owners - how are the magnets?

    Hope that helps and I can't wait to see your pictures!
  3. Thanks! Let's try this again...

    Attached Files:

  4. It's beautiful! Mine is scheduled to arrive tomorrow!:yahoo:
  5. oooh I like!!!! :love:
  6. It's very pretty. I love your modeling shots.
  7. Thanks sharing the pics, it's gorgeous!
    I can't wait until I receive mine in June. I'm glad to hear that the leather is soft and squishy (I always give in to soft leather, just love it!).
  8. I love this bag! I am so looking forward to receiving mine! It looks as if there was a different leather used this time around for the Basketweave bags! In my opinion, it looks even more beautiful than it did before. The new hardware makes this bag look very chic and did I say I am madly in love with it!?!?
  9. =) Thanks. Please excuse the sweats -- the first thing I do when I get home from work is change!
  10. Love the new black basketweave! It looks great with the new hardware and even without the tassel. Thanks for sharing the pics.
  11. lovely!

    the leather looks more pebbly than my old one~ tho just as soft!~ congrats
  12. I love it! Congrats!
  13. Pretty! I can't wait for mine to come!
  14. I liked it with the tassles, but it is pretty bag.
  15. It is definitely a pebbled leather, but very soft! It was sitting in the passenger seat next to me in the car, and I kept petting it!

    I know many here are tassel lovers, but I'm kind of glad it doesn't have them. My current everyday black bag is a botkier trigger (with lots of tassels), so I needed a little change!