My Black Ali Slim Flap arrived bumpy, not smooth and shiny...EEEEEEEEEK!!!!!

  1. I know I posted on the Ali support group, my apologies, but I am looking at this black leather slim flap Ali style 10327 and it is sort of rough, bumpy, not like pebble leather but not shiny and smooth like the normal Ali finish that I have seen and loved in the store. I did post in the Ali support group, but I cannot wait for replies. What time is it? When will Entheos be home from work? When will everyone from the support group be home? Oh dear, is she a misfit??? This bag is rustic looking leather, not shiny and smooth. It came from Jax and it is out of the stores. I was simply praying that mine would not be this way, for a wallet in the store had this finish. If I return it and order another, I may get this finish again. Help me out here Do any of you lovely ladies have a bumpy finish Ali? ACCCCCCK . I am looking at her and going crazy...:nuts::nogood:
  2. I just checked over my and brown are smooth and shiny, whiskey is smooth (getting shinier with use). White Ali does seem to have what you describe (lightly textured, not pebbled) along her bottom and side front strips...the rest is smooth.
    My two whiskey shoulder bags are not the is much smoother (and, yes, shinier) than the other and I do show preference for that one so I understand how you're feeling! Not much help, but wanted to share.
  3. Thanks, I am sure the leather comes from different places, but some spots are really rough on the front sides like dry and crinkly. Not to my liking at that price at all, The slim is $378,00, not cheap at all and although I used partial credits, it is extemely annoying. My black pebble new tote from the outlet is shinier than this bag. ACCCCCCK Thanks anyway!!!:sad:
  4. I don't have any good advice, except that I wouldn't keep the bag if it was rough and dry. Do you have a good SA who could ask about a bag before it was shipped? Or who could have several sent to the store for your consideration before you decide which to keep?

    Part of the appeal, to me, of the Ali or slim flap is the smooth leather that gets shinier with wear. I'm sorry you got a bum one.
  5. All of the Ali's I have bought have had a patch or two of the bumpy leather, but never the whole thing.. just different parts of the leather. Sorry you don't like it! That is a bummer. I would just trade it for another one, I am sure the next one won't be so bad! :tup:
  6. All of these bags are at Jax. I called the store and they said it is depending on what part of the cow they use and this is a new batch of leather black bags for they were out of this slim version totally. I called Jax and they said most of the Ali's they had were sort of soft and more rough like the pebble. This is so soft it is almost like slept in lamb or deerskin like the Tylie Malibu bags with the jewels. Very flexible even the strap. Light weight too...But, no I did not use my regular store and they would send it back but never order several for me to pick from. This store is not like that. I would get what I get and the whole batch might be like this one not shiny and soft. I have no idea what I will do tomorrow..none...I will let you guys know. I saw a wallet just like it too, and I did not like that. I am used to the stiffer shinier leather...:sad:
  7. Dear Rainbow, sorry to keep you anxiously waiting. I thoughtfully opened up every Ali dustbag and looked at all of them. Whiskey is the smoothest all over. The rest have variations of texture, some smooth, some miniature dippled (like the tiniest swiss dot), some with tight close wrinkles, some loose wrinkles. All this variation in leather for me is an anxiety buster regarding care. I would prefer texture over smooth, scuffs don't show so obviously.

    The buckskin leather used for the vintage ergos is probably the most consistently smooth leather Coach uses. If you really don't like the leather return it. :yes:
  8. Dont worry Im sure its just the natural imperfections that come along with leather. Just give it some time and wear and it will look great.
  9. My new black Ali is mostly smooth, but has some areas with more texture, like the front of the pocket under the flap. I didn't think anything of it until I read your post.

    It is described as "Vintage Leather", so I assumed they were each supposed to be kind of unique. I think it gives character. :yes:
  10. The ali I got is rougher than the whiskey
  11. Yes, that is exactly it, the black leather is grainy like the whiskey wristlet on one of the old threads photos. I did like the smooth better, but I think it is a heavier leather and less flexible than this bag. But it is growing on me. The leather is also not as thick or stiff, softer. It is still a bit heavy for me and this was expected, and I was prepared for that, for I wanted it so badly. I missed my whiskey one . I just put in the essentials. A cell, a legacy makeup case with a lippie and blush, wallet, and car keys. that is it. It is slim anyway and I cannot load it...I hope it works out. I am going to give it a few days to get used to the pebbly look and weight. Every Ali deserves a fair chance. FL is a nice place for leather to winter....LOL :tup: THANKYOU!!!!
  12. They must be using different leather on the newer ones, I think. Trying to get used to the less shiny grainy look. Thanks!!!:yes:
  13. This one is all grainy and sort of textured, soft, maybe even lighter. Even the strap is not stiff. I will have to just get used to the look of it, I like the bigger one so much better but it is too heavy , unless I get the signature. I do not like the signature as well, though...I love the smell of the leather, it reminds me of my barn and the horse saddles and the smell that I miss and loved in New England. Thanks!! :tup:
  14. I am a bit nuts. I had a cup of coffee with that bag and loaded it and unloaded it with my PJ's on. My DH came in at 6 and looked at me and said, "is that bag staying or going and do I have to return it on the way home? HMMMMPH, no sense of humor for the way I do things and play with my all...LOL