My BJ Clemence 30 Birkin. Pls ignore previous threads!

  1. The previous thread was for my LV friends. LV my first LOVE! :yes:The mods moved it here as it was more appropriate. Let me present my First "H" again. I am so proud i can do it again and again and again. :p She even slept beside me yesterday night, :sweatdrop: On the floor of course or TBF would kick me to the sofa. HA!

  2. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!:tup: I looooove the contrast stitching. Give all the specs PLZ!!
  3. so lovely! congrats!
  4. Congratulations! You look wonderful with her!
  5. Specs, please......BEAUTIFUL bag! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!
  6. Oh Happy day!! Congrats to you.:yahoo:
  7. Oh I love it! Looks perfect on you!
  8. ^^ specs? wat does that means?.. puzzled!
  9. You look great with the BJ Birkin!!! Congrats!!
  10. Just beautiful! Congratulations!
  11. Specs is short for specification i.e. details of the make of the bag - leather type, colour, size and hardware.

    Could you also attach the pics through the "paper clip" way (when you do a 'reply', click on the paper clip at the top row next to the font/size/colour options and upload the photos). Some of us can't view the pics now.
  12. mspiggy, chpwhy is using to host the picture.

    You look great with the bag!

    I supposed it's a 30cm Blue Jean Togo with Palladium Hardware.
  13. Thanks Queenie. I can't view photobucket in the office :p Darn those firewall. :cursing:
  14. Really gorgeous!
  15. Wow, two beauties together! I love your action pic. You new birkin is great, but you're quite pretty also.