My bitsy bag collection

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  1. Don't laugh, I know my collection isn't as exciting or as fascinating as all yours. :sweatdrop: But I thought it's only fair to share what I have, since I've been admiring everybody here you go! I didn't take pics of my bags all at once because I'm lazy and I don't like taking pictures. The only reason why I'm posting now is because I got to upload these on my photobucket. :P

    Here is a picture of my LVs (missing is my defected pochette marly, I actually took this picture while it was sent away at the LV boutique; fyi, I personally cut off the straps and I now use it as a makeup bag...still very upsetting):
    Above: Petit bucket, cosmetic pouch, papillon 30 with baby pap, cles, porte tresor wallet, bucket cosmetic pouch, pochette accessories...

    My latest Noe:

    My one and only dooney: Small Tulip Tassel Tote (I ended up giving away the small barrel to a friend; as much as I liked it, it reminded me of my ex :yucky: ). Now I have a black IT wristlet! I will take a picture of that if I ever get around to it, heh.

  2. Nice collection!!! :biggrin:
  3. very cute! thanks for sharing!
  4. Thanks, John5 and minami!
  5. Your Dooney is sweet!!! Thanks for sharing with us!
  6. Love your monos... Awesome collection! Thanks for sharing!!!
  7. thank you, damierlover and brandedlover! I was actually kinda scared to post these pictures (for I know I don't have a huge collection).
  8. Great collection! Love them all!
  9. nice monogram family :smile:
  10. Oww... c'mon! Don't hide your gorgeous babies. They all are beautiful!!! :yes:
  11. Thanks, Jen Loves LV and sleepykitten!

    brandedlover - thanks, again! I think it's time I ought to move away from monogram. I used to have a slightly bigger collection, but I didn't like it at all...and it had to do with not being able to handle a lot and having too much mono.
  12. Another picture; this time of my wristlet and pochette:
  13. Very nice LV collection! Love the Dooneys too.
  14. nice LV collection, I like that ^^ pochette!
  15. ^Thanks, gals!