My bitsy bag collection


Aug 31, 2006
Don't laugh, I know my collection isn't as exciting or as fascinating as all yours. :sweatdrop: But I thought it's only fair to share what I have, since I've been admiring everybody here you go! I didn't take pics of my bags all at once because I'm lazy and I don't like taking pictures. The only reason why I'm posting now is because I got to upload these on my photobucket. :P

Here is a picture of my LVs (missing is my defected pochette marly, I actually took this picture while it was sent away at the LV boutique; fyi, I personally cut off the straps and I now use it as a makeup bag...still very upsetting):

Above: Petit bucket, cosmetic pouch, papillon 30 with baby pap, cles, porte tresor wallet, bucket cosmetic pouch, pochette accessories...

My latest Noe:

My one and only dooney: Small Tulip Tassel Tote (I ended up giving away the small barrel to a friend; as much as I liked it, it reminded me of my ex :yucky: ). Now I have a black IT wristlet! I will take a picture of that if I ever get around to it, heh.

Thanks, Jen Loves LV and sleepykitten!

brandedlover - thanks, again! I think it's time I ought to move away from monogram. I used to have a slightly bigger collection, but I didn't like it at all...and it had to do with not being able to handle a lot and having too much mono.