My Birthday!!!

  1. OK girls.. i need a lil advice birthday is coming up in a couple weeks and I def want a new purse for my collection..and I can't decide which one to choose. I am torn between Damier Azur Speedy 25 or the Gucci chain medium hobo with horsebit in black. I love them both and I just cant decide which one to go with!! I need opinions please, thanks! x0x0

    The Speedy

    The Gucci
  2. I like the Gucci - I see far fewer of those out and about (although I suppose it depends on where you reside!), the hobo shape is so pretty.

    Happy Birthday!
  3. Happy birthday!
    I'd personally go for the speedy- that way you'll have money left for a matching wallet.
    The Gucci is very nice, but i think it's very plain.
  4. Gucci :tup:
  5. damier! happy birthday!
  6. Go the Damier Speedy - so classic.

    Happy birthday!:woohoo:
  7. Happy Birthday! I love both purses, but am leaning towards the Gucci. I think it is more versatile.
  8. I'm more of the Speedy, however I'd get a 30 instead of 25 (IMO).
  9. Happy Birthday! Mine is one day before yours, but I don't have any special treat for myself - I've been treating myself enough as it is and still am :0

    Anyway, I like the black Gucci because I always liked the horsebit and because every time I see that particular damier, I think it's going to get dirty real easy.
  10. Happy birthday! I ususally prefer leather instead of canvas, but that black gucci is pretty cool and unique, most people have the brown canvas in that style or leather. I don't like LV in general but love the azure speedy, however I used to have a 25 and found it too small. I also suggest the 30. Ok so I didn't help much, I like both:love:
  11. Happy Birthday!
    Gucci is the best I think..but why fabric and not leather? I know it cost a little more but it last more...
  12. Ooh, I like both. I think I'm leaning toward the Damier Speedy, though.
  13. Love the gucci !
  14. y not just get both ;)
  15. i like them both, but like everyone said, if you go for the speedy, go with the 30, bigger bags are so cool!