My Birthday Wishlist--too much for DH to take?

  1. I decided to make a B-Day wish list (it's it is next week!) for my DH, who always stresses out when it comes to gift giving. I typed it up in excel and even sorted it by price; am I being too type-A:confused1:?

    Birthday Wish List: I would be happy with ANY one of the below, including the Princess Cake!

    From Louis Vuitton or

    Inclusion Ring (any color) Med or large size 195
    Vernis Mini Ring Agenda (indigo or framboise) 225
    Vernis Small Ring Agenda (indigo or framboise) 300
    Epi Pochette Accessoires (red,mandarin, or blue) 360
    Perfo Pochette Accessoires (fuschia or green) 540
    Damier Speedy 25 595
    Petit Noe 695
    Popincourt Haut 825
    Damier Papillon 845

    The Bakery: Any
    Princess Cake! varies
  2. Lol..I think you're just helping him along!
    I don't see anything wrong with it, especially if he's always stressing about it..this way he can be sure you'll be happy with your gift.
  3. I do the same thing. I mean, I tell my DH what I wouldlike for my B-Day,Christmas,etc. He gets stuffon his own too,but with things I tell him,he knows it's what I really want.
    I think your list is great and he knows what you want & how much the item is so there's no suprises at the register.
    "That purse is how much... :wtf: " <-- my DH if he didn't know the price in advance...

    :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

  4. I love that emoticon, that is the face that my DH makes whenever he has to step foot into any store that doesn't involve tools or technology.

    We have just attended a couple of weddings for my side of the family , for which DH experienced culture shock. I'm half Filipino, and in our culture, the bride and groom do what is called a money dance--you dance with one of them and pin money onto them. They also have no qualms with requesting money in the wedding invite. We didn't do that for our wedding, which the Filipino side thought was strange, but I didn't feel comfortable doing it, just as I don't feel totally comfortable with this list. I also don't want to get another iPod, which seems to be my Dh's "go to" gift when he is under the gun for a gift.
  5. I think your list is a great idea. I have to give my husband *very* detailed shopping lists when he's looking to get me a present.
  6. I think that is exactly what most men need! This way he knows what you want and doesn't have to guess. (We all know how that can turn out!) Also you've given him a nice range or prices to pick from.
  7. At least there's a good price range~!
  8. I think it's a great idea to make a list with prices too! He knows he'll get something you love and he won't be surprised at prices. Happy Birthday!!
  9. I did a wish list on excel too I keep it on the wall in my home office, I listed the full name, price and color preferred that way if my BF wants to surprise me he knows exactly what I like.
  10. It's a great idea. Now he cannot say that he didn't know what to get you.
  11. i think its a GREAT idea! plus, u added the prices so he won't be in for a shock at the store. also, its excellent theres a range of prices and items to suit his budget!! i think you did an EXCELLENT job. :smile:
  12. Exel = wishlists! That's all I use it for! :roflmfao:
  13. I think it's an awesome idea. This way he'll be less stress cos he know's for sure you'll loveeee it:love:
  14. I do the exact same thing for my dh for christmas! I see nothing wrong with it.
  15. LOL, I do the exact same thing with my hubby for all occasions--don't want to be returning/exchanging stuff, kwim:lol: :graucho: !! And yes, it's always a good idea to put prices AND give him a nice price range to pick from:rolleyes: .