My Birthday Wish..

  1. Well, It's that time of year again!
    April 4th is coming around, and that means... my sweet 16!
    My parents want to make this birthday special, and since I already have a car, I wanted to pick something that I can use all the time.

    They semi-know what I want.

    I've been wishing for a Speedy 25 in just Normal Mono.
    It's cheep, but really nice.

    BUT. We have ONE issue (hah! And you thought this was just another bragging thread :rolleyes: )
    My dad doesn't like the plain Mono! He thinks it's too plain! How can I show him that it's a really amazing purse?
    Because if he doesn't like it, I won't get it!

    I told him about the Cersies, but he says that he doesn't feel right buying one online, and he wants me to go into the store and get it myself. That way I'm sure it's real. (We've had a run in with a nasty fake on Christmas. DARN YOU CHANEL!) So he's totally out of buying purses online.

    Any sugestions on how to talk him into my beloved speedy?

    Maybe some AWESOME pictures to visually push him? Haha.
  2. Show him the celeb pics with the speedy specifically audry hepburn! prove to him it's a classic!
  3. You can tell him it's very easy to match with all your clothes.
  4. Is your dad going to use the bag...? ;)
  5. I agree with your dad about buying from a store.

    Tell him that the mono line is the classic LV. It seems that some men just do not prefer the mono line. I have had three or four men tell me that they do not care for my mono speedy. They just don't like the color. It's boring.

    You may have your work cut out for you trying to convince your dad. Good luck. I think you would like the mono speedy.
  6. ITA with GerGirl
  7. doesn't LV do giftcards or some such, ask for those and then get what you want.

  8. Tell him the mono speedy is such a classic. And since he is buying, let him go to the store :smile:
  9. I think once he sees it in the boutique he may change his mind. The mono is a classic line and very classy!
  10. I've shown him the Audrey & Speedy picture.
    But he's not into it.
    I've shown it to him in the store, but he just doesn't get it.

    Some men!

    The idea about the gift card is great!
  11. Girl, your MC is amazing. I really do think you need to take a breathe of the classic monogram!

    Speedy 30!
  12. tell him its a classic and will never go out of style and it'l match with everything!!!
  13. Dont know what to do for your speedy, but love your MC collection lol :smile:!
  14. i agree show him the celebs with speedies page! good luck
  15. Do you ever see stylish ladies carrying their mono bags in your area? If he is with you I would point out how stylish and glamourous the speedy looks when carried.:yes:
    Good luck and I hope you get your bag for your birthday.