my birthday!! what to get??

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  1. ok so my birthday is in about a week and a half and the bf keeps asking what i want. i dont wanna get stuck w/ somethin i dont want cuz ill feel bad returning it lol, so i told him i might want a piece of lv luggage..but something small and carry-onish like a keepall or carryall...does anyone have experience with these and/or suggest one in particular? im always traveling for work so i want something i could use for short weekend trips..

    thanks in advance for yalls always great advice :biggrin:
  2. I have a Keepall 55 w/strap and I love it. It gets a bit heavy though (I usually pack it semi full).

    How about a Pegase?
    Sirius 45?
    MC Keepall 45?
  3. are the carryalls bigger or the keepalls?
  4. I believe Carryall is comparable size to Keepall 50