My Birthday Was two days ago i turned 19 And the present!


Apr 7, 2010
My mom is taking me shopping at LV within the next few days and i kinda hit a brick wall i dont know what to get! I already have a speedy 40 Mono and a few really nice mono wallets and i have alot of coach cross body bags and a few totes from longchamp! My question is which bag would make a great addition to my Louis Collection Im looking at the Speedy 35 in Ebene or the Mono Reporter PM?!

If you could please give me your opinion that would be amazing thanks soo much!
(im a guy) ;)
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Aug 23, 2008
Do you go to school? If so, a cross body messenger like a brooklyn would be practical.. for everyday use--depending on size, have you seen the tote in the macasscar collection? I love it..
Being a guy myself, I'm not a big fan of the speedys, but if you can rock it.. definitely a damier ebene speedy 40.. cant wait to see what you choose