My Birthday Wallets! ...w/ lil dilemma

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  1. My boyfriend and I went to the presale at NM and he bought me the Chanel Pink Caviar Long Wallet for my bday. And then, yesterday my coworkers (they're sweethearts..) gave me a Ferragamo French Wallet. I'm so thankful and appreciate both of them so much but I really don't need two wallets (i'm currently using my Fendi wallet)..I thought about telling my bf that I might be returning the Chanel..but I don't know what else to do. I'm not the type to use multiple wallets and hate to keep one that I won't use. Which wallet would you keep? I honestly don't want to hurt my coworkers or my boyfriend's feelings but itd be such a waste if i dont use one of them...

    P.S. With the long wallets, do i put the bill on one side OR do i put the bill in the middle (like a normal wallet?) lol sorry for the silly question. i'm use to the small wallets and the long Chanel wallet seems harder for me to get money out of..

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  2. eventhough I like continental style (which is the Chanel one) ... I choose the Ferragamo ... it's more bling to me :shame:
  3. Tough call, but it's best in my opinion to keep the one you know that you'll use. They'll know your appreciation for the gift when they see you using it, just make sure to let the other party down easily.
  4. I really like the Chanel, but if the size bothers you and you're having trouble getting money out of it then keep the Ferragamo.
  5. I love the pink chanel, it's so pretty.
  6. Tough call, they are both really nice. And I wouldn't know what to do in this situation either. But as far as how to put the bills, put it the way you want. I personally like my dollars flat so I would put it in sideways. But if you are comfy putting it in from the top then why not. But happy belated birthday!!!
  7. Personally I like the Chanel. However, you should chose the one that most fits you. But if you choose the Chanel, when you go out to look with your co-workers, will you have to hide your wallet?
  8. i like the size of the chanel more. Maybe you could have one for work and one for outings...remember wallets don't last forever...well for me anyway. :nogood:
  9. I have a long Prada wallet. I have two sides where I can put bills. I put bills in one and receipts in the other. I keep change in the middle cuz it zips. Ignore the name brands, forget who gave it to you and pick the one you feel comfortable with. And then see if you can return the other wallet and get a nice key case or earrings. If I give a gift I'd want someone to exchange it for something they like than never use it.
  10. Wow, what nice co-workers you have! I don't know what to tell you...maybe exchange one for something else so you can use both gifts together? OTOH, maybe you do need 2 wallets...a big one for the day and a smaller one for evenings?
  11. Umm i have two wallets and i usually switch between two of them. If i were you, i would keep both because they are both pretty. Also, they are your gifts. I think it is kind of fun to change your wallet from time to time(may be not often as you change your handbags). It makes me feel like i have a new thing when i have used one for a long time and then change to the other.
  12. keep both!
  13. Personally, I adore the Chanel wallet! But as others have stated, it is really whatever is most functional for you.
  14. i prefer the chanel one..
    it's prettier..and it's a long wallet (i love long wallet)
    but if you dont like that kind of wallet, u know which one u'd choose ;)
  15. so pretty.. i love the chanel
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