My birthday trip to LV, etc.

  1. Well my birthday started with me going to get my first digital camera! :nuts: So I finally found a use for my wapity case and can provide better quality modeling pics (as soon as I figure out how to do it, still have to read the manual) The camera is the Olympus Stylus 740 thats all weather, 7.1 megapixel, with 5x optical zoom! It was a birthday present from my parents that I picked out.

    Then I headed downtown, and you guys are going to throw tomatoes at me, I cheated on LV and got my first Hermes bag! You can read about it here:

    So last year for my birthday, I bought myself my first LV bag, and this year I bought myself my first Hermes.

    Then I went to LV and tried on the black shawl, folded in half the way Jill recommended wearing it. I asked my friend if I looked ridiculous, and she said yes, I look like I'm wearing a Dracula cape! :wacko: :cursing: Well that rules out the black shawl.. I also tried on the Champagne shawl, which looked better on me than the black...but still, no shawl for me...I'm not the only one who thinks I look ridiculous! :p

    Then I asked to see the Pomme Koala Wallet, thinking they wouldn't have it because last time I asked, there was still a waiting list for it. They had it and I liked it! If they had not had the Hermes bag I wanted, I would have bought the wallet! I might get it next time! ;)

    Well thats my birthday story, sorry if I'm not making much sense, I'm so tired!
  2. I hope you had a good birthday arnott! congrats on the digi camera (yay, that means more modelling pics!!) and the first H bag!!!! (i'm gonna read your H thread after i write this..)

    sorry the shawl didn't work out for you!

    show us pics after you read the manual k!
  3. Happy birthday, congrats on your new purchase
  4. how could you? :cry: ..... just kidding! congrats and Happy Birthday! :wlae:
  5. I knew you'd be ticked! lol ;)

  6. congrats and happy b-day!
  7. Oh yeah, the first LV bag I asked to see was the Ivorie Soufflot, thanks to the modeling pics of Jill and Ichelle, but they were all sold out!
  8. congrats! cant wait to see pics!
  9. Boo.. you Vuitton cheater ! :graucho:

    Sounds like you had a lovely birthday though, and congrats on your first H bag !
  10. Congrats on your first leave the orange side and come back to the brown side!

    Happy Bday!
  11. Happy Birthday! Congrats on your 1st H!
  12. You crossed over???? J/k. Congrats and happy birthday. We still love you.
  13. oh congrats! pix!
  14. Congrats and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!