My birthday treats! Purchased today!

  1. Thanks for everyone's suggestions! After the spa I hit up LV and took an hour to decide. I wanted a cles and an evening bag, since my manhattan GM is too big to take out on the town at night...

    So after MUCH debate, I decided on the vernis cles (it's red, don't know the color name) and a damier speedy 25. Then as I was being rung up I saw the white MC cles and wanted it, but they were sold out. So I went to Neiman Marcus and bought the MC cles to compare the two and think about (I wanted some sort of key chain charm thingie to put on my speedy but didn't want to spend all that much).

    Sorry no pics yet! But guys I dont know...I have horrible buyer's remorse! All you ladies seem so very excited about your new's like you just had a newborn. But all I ever have is remorse!! Am I being too picky? Now i'm sitting here thinking, "what could I have bought instead?" or "I should probably save that money."

    I wanted to treat myself on my birthday but didn't know i'd feel this bad....does anyone else ever feel that way? What would you buy if you had to get 1) an evening bag and 2) a cles ??
  2. oooh yay!!! congrats!! :yahoo: graet choices. keep it all, haha.
  3. If you are feeling like you overdid things, then how about keeping just the cles or getting a lexington in the pomme [red] It's such a great color & you do deserve a special something for your birthday. The lexington is so versatile too, a little evening bag or as a pouch inside a bigger bag :love:

    Hope the rest of your birthday was wonderful!
  4. I think those are some great signature pieces and if you needed a bit of a smaller bag why not now!
  5. Lucky!
  6. congrats!
  7. Hook the vernis cles up to the damier and parade it around the house. Look in the mirror and wallow in beauty. Repeat with MC cles. No more remorse!
    Happy Birthday! :drinkup:
  8. If you're having buyer's remorse, think about which piece(s) you love the most and keep it/them. The speedy will be around forever, but the pomme color of the vernis cles will not. It seems the multicolor will be around for some time. Perhaps those facts will help you make a decision. Good luck.

    P.S. I'd keep the vernis cles. And Happy Birthday!
  9. Haha, thats my middle name! I ALWAYS feel bad about spending so much! I'd keep both though to break the vicious cycle!
  10. Congrats on your purchases, but you may want to bring the items back and see what jumps out at you. If you are going to spend that much-it should def be on something you love
  11. Don't worry, the buyer's remorse will fade! Enjoy your items, good picks, I love pomme!
  12. Excellent choices! :yes:
  13. I would think about it - I mean, if you aren't going to be happy with it, you might as well return right ? But hey, you should at least enjoy for now ! :yes:
  14. Congrats! The Buyers Remorse will pass LOL
  15. Congrats!
    Give it a couple of days and see how you might decide you don't want to return anything at all!