My birthday too.....

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  1. So sorry to hear about your dad. I lost mine almost 4yrs now, its always hard losing a loved one. Keep the good memories. May you have strength during this difficult time.
  2. Happy early Birthday!!! My prayers are with your father....
  3. Happy early birthday fellow Leo! I'm very sorry to hear about your dad. Treasure every minute w/him. You and your dad are in my thoughts.
  4. I'll be keeping you & your family in my thoughts. Every moment is precious....
  5. Happy Birthday!! Yes, we Leo's love to celebrate as much as possible, especially with new LV!!:yahoo:

    So sorry to hear about your dad. Try to make the most of the time you have with him.
  6. :sad: deb68nc, i'm sorry to hear about your father. at the very least it's always good to keep the mind preoccupied...
  7. spend every moment you can with him
  8. So sorry to hear about your dad, spend the most time you could with him.
  9. happy early b-day!

    sorry to hear about your dad. illness and parting with love ones is always hard regardless of the duration and process ones goes through.

    my dad pass on very sudden when i was at work. i could only console myself it was a quick one and he didn't feel too much pain.
  10. I'm so sorry to hear about your dad. My dad passed away very suddenly five years ago. There was no chance to even say goodbye. I hope you treasure every day with your dad and try to enjoy your birthday even with your sadness. Also, congrats on getting the Galliera. It's a lovely bag.
  11. We Leos have to stick together!!!! I was heartbroken when I heard about your dad and will include him and your family in my daily prayers. Stay strong.:heart:
  12. I'm so sorry to hear about your dad.... my thoughts and prayers are with you.
    Enjoy these last moments with him... I lost my dad about 4 years ago.
  13. Happy Early Birthday! Mine was just on the 4th.

    I'm so sorry to hear about your dad. Hopefully it'll comfort you to know that he'll soon be at peace. My father died 3 years ago from COPD. He had been sick for over 6 years, and very sick the last 7 months. I didn't want him to go, but I didn't want him to suffer anymore either. It's very difficult to watch someone so close to you go through an illness. My prayers are with you.