My Birthday Surprise!!!

  1. Ok, it's kind of a weird story- but bare with me. I am an attorney, and one of my favorite clients came in today with a cake, an apple (because she knew I would not eat much of the cake) and handed me what I think is a 2005 Chocolate Paddington Shoulder Hobo.

    She hands me the bag and says "this is for you to "borrow"!:shrugs: Borrow? I have no idea what this means, but think she may have said that because she did not want to put me in an akward situation with getting/receiving a gift from a client (for ethical reasons). I of course said that I could not accept it, and she persisted and said that if I did not take it, she would throw it out!:wtf: Sac relig, I know, so I graciously accepted her offer to "borrow" the bag.:graucho:

    It is perfect on the outside, with some wear on the inside. But the leather is just TDF, and of course, it is chocolate so I feel instantly in love. :love: I will post pics later, but thought you might get a kick out of the story.
  2. Happy birthday and i hope you enjoy your new baby! If it's 2005 even better!
  3. Happy Birthday Jag and thanks for sharing that story. Use her in good health.
  4. Wow I wish I had clients like that...!!! :smile:
  5. Happy birthday jag! How sweet of your client:girlsigh: Now how come my clients never 'lend' me anything:lol: .
  6. Jag, you lucky ducky, you!!! What a lovely lady to "lend" you a choco hobo Paddy, lol! :yahoo::lol:

    :heart:Happy Birthday, sweetie!!! :drinkup:
  7. What a great story, and just goes to show, even your clients can see how stylish you are :biggrin:

    and the Happiest Birthday Wishes to you too :smile:
  8. You lucky devil you! :graucho: Do post photos! I would love to see your new bday present.
  9. Great story - can't wait to see it.
  10. Jag, that is wonderful and Happy Belated Bday. I hope you enjoy it and look forward to the pics. I know it is to die for.:flowers:
  11. Happy Birthday! What a great client
  12. I will definitely post pics in a bit. Need to get out of work!!! But thanks for all of the well wishes ladies!~ And very true, I am lucky to have such a nice client! She always says to me that I am a total "bag ho" and the way to my heart is with a handbag! :heart:Damn straight!:P
  13. :nuts: WOW!!! Thats awsome!:cutesy: What a super gift! So....... Can I borrow it too??:graucho: :lol: :yahoo:
  14. But of course MFT!!! Anytime!!!
  15. Congrats on your bday present!! Actually, if you're the way in real life as you're on tPF (which I'm very sure you are), then I'm not surprised that you get a wonderful bag from a client. You totally deserve it!!:yahoo: