My Birthday Surprise

  1. As its my birthday today can now show you what Fendi in Italy sent me for it.

    Its a Fendi Spy Filofax, think its so cute and was so nice of them. Look out for my other presents next week, waiting for them to come.
    135_3511.JPG 135_3509.JPG 135_3512.JPG 135_3510.JPG
  2. Cute! And happy birthday :smile: A fitting gift for the spy queen :heart:
  3. It is beautiful! :nuts: Happy birthday Saich! That was really realy nice of them to do that for you, I mean after al you are one of their VIP's! Hope you have a great day planned ahead! :party:
  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SAICH!!!:yahoo: GORGEOUS Filofax!:love:
  5. what a nice gift!
  6. How cute! :tup:
  7. wow how cool is that! really nice, happy birthday! Hope you have a great day
  8. happy birthday :smile:!
  9. Thanks everyone, the day has not started so good just rescued a snake that got tangled in my pond netting. Not a fun thing to do first thing in the

    Chinese tonight so that should be good.

    Glad you like the filofax. Lovely gift I thought.

    P.S. Thank you to my friends who have sent cards they are sooooooo funny.
  10. Happy birthday Saiche, hope your day will be better. =)
    Cute Filofax. Looking forward to pictures of your other presents. =)
  11. Happy Birthday Saich - wow pressies from Fendi!
  12. HAPPY BDAY!!

    and SUCH a cute filofax, SOO sweet of them
  13. congrats and happy b-day!!
  14. Happy birthday to you & what a fabulous gift from Fendi- congrats & hope your birthday is fun for you!
  15. Happy Big B Day SAICH!! :nuts:

    So cool & appropriate that Fendi sends you a nice gift. Congrats!:yahoo: