My birthday speedy arrived : (

  1. I just received my mono speedy from elux - the one that I ordered for myself for my birthday...


    I was unpacking it and took one of the tabs (that protect the vachetta) off when I saw this:


    I added a couple of modelling pics, but this baby is going back!


  2. Sorry this happened to you.. Don't worry though, soon you'll get a better one! And happy birthday!
  3. Awww... bummer. You'll get a perfect one in no time! Happy Birthday!
  4. How annoying!!! Send it back!! Happy Birthday!!
  5. Awww I would be thoroughly unimpressed, especially if it were my bday present! No fear.. you'll get a prestine one shortly :smile:
  6. Happy Birthday - but I hope you get one to your liking soon!
  7. yes, get a brand new perfect one for your deserve it.
  8. You look great carrying it but definitely send it backl!
  9. aw, i am sorry that this has happened to you, i literally gasped when i saw it. good luck with the next one, happy birthday!
  10. Hope you get a better one soon. Is that a 25 or 30 by the way?
  11. 25. I'm 5'6"

    I called elux and they said they would send me a return label for it. I'm so unhappy. I loved the monogram print.
  12. Oh no..., I'm sorry merika.....

    But, it looks lovely on you!! Happy happy birthday, soon you'll get your perfect Speedy!!
  13. I'm so sorry, I hope you get a perfect one soon.
  14. Awwww, no worries they will replace it quickly for you. Happy Bday!
  15. So sorry to see that, its quite frustrating, but hope you have a hassle-free exchange!