My Birthday: Ruined

  1. Gah, I am depressed for what I found to be the perfect bag for me, and there are, as of what I have heard, five. My dilemma is that November 17th, my birthday, I was going to get $100 from each parent, $50 from my brother, and I'm saving up coins in jar (since the beginning of October, I've saved up $30!). my calulations were that by Nov. 30th or PCE I'd be able to get it.

    What's keeping my spirits up is that maybe it was only a trial run and that thery're meant to come out mid-late November. Gah.

    That was my mini rant. I'm done.
  2. Is there any way you can get the $$$ from your parents & your brother b4 Nov. 17th? It will be an early B-Day present. Maybe if you plead w/ them, they will accomodate you. After all, what's the point of enjoying your B-day if you can't have your gift? BTW, I am so lusting over this bag !!!
  3. ^^I have tried since I first saw it! My brother would in a hearbeat, but my parents seem to find it necessary to wait. *sigh*
  4. i think some stores might have them in... it cant be gone everywhere! if i see it in the store today i will let you know! then you can order it hehe
  5. I would explain to your parents that it may be gone if you wait till your birthday. I would tell them if they give you the money early so that you can order it, as soon as the box is delivered you will give them the box. You won't even open it until your actual birthday. ??

  6. This option makes a lot of sense and it keeps you from actually having your gift until your birthday. It can't hurt to try to explain the situation and see what they say. Good Luck!
  7. ^^^^ I agree with this! Hopefully they will be understanding about it, Good luck and I hope you get the purse you want!:tender:
  8. Well, here's another thought: Could you buy it on your credit card, and then use the money you get on your b-day to pay off the credit card? I'm all for getting EXACTLY what you want for b-day presents!!
  9. THose are good ideas. I hope you get the bag you want. I know what it's like to want something and not be able to have it.
  10. I think buying the bag and then putting it away for your birthday is a good idea! I hope you can get it! It always makes me feel really good when gals get the bag they are dreaming of most!
  11. You could tell your parents and ask them if tehy would purchase it and put it away for your bday...
  12. Yeah...I'll try

    *tries(seriously, I'm going off to ask.)*

    oh crap.(pardon the french) yeah I got a,"We'll see if you'll even get a purse!" Gahk!
  13. yeah but parents say that sometimes when they want somthing to be a surprise
  14. ^^too bad they don't even know what bag it is...
  15. Do what I do with DH sometimes. Print out a pic and write the order information on it. Leave it in a somewhat but not overly conspicuous place. It works sometimes :angel: