My birthday reveal

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  1. I'm 40 today ☘☘☘☘ and I'm grateful that I'm living a healthy and comfortable life (now with my dark purple eye and dizzy head though). I'm thankful for having a stable and interesting job, my loving and super nerdy hubby and a very smart and cute dog.

    Anyway, I bought myself my first Knot a few weeks ago and was planning to bring it to our meetup together with the matching Lido Tote.

    Please join me to welcome my Shadow Rings Knot from the 2012 collection. According to my SA, this is the last one in this country.

    I'll try to take some pictures of the Knot wth the Lido when I can see better. These pictures were taken the day it came home.

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1458251751.583774.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1458251772.598202.jpg
  2. Happy Birthday! Love the ring treatment.
  3. Happy Birthday! Lots to be thankful for!! Beautiful Knot
  4. Happy birthday! Beautiful knot, so unique
  5. Happy, happy birthday!! In love with that Knot - it's got such edge yet is classy.

    Wear in good health. Sounds like you are very blessed.
  6. Happy birthday and enjoy your knot. I love those special BV designs.
  7. Happy Birthday,BV_LC_poodle! That is one outstanding knot! What a great way to mark your birthday.
  8. Oh that's my favorite knot clutch! Happy birthday to you! 40's are GREAT!
  9. Happy birthday!
  10. Happy birthday and what a darling knot!!!
  11. I hope you have had a happy birthday! Welcome to 40! I've enjoyed mine!

    And let there be no doubt that your collection continues to awe. A really beautiful and chic addition!
  12. It's beautiful! What a nice birthday gift.
  13. I have always loved that little knot.
  14. Lovely! Happy Birthday!!
  15. Thanks everyone. I used the Knot the first time and I really like it fit in my hand.