My Birthday Reveal!


May 8, 2014
Here they are my new NF in Epi Noir, it had just come in not on the floor yet and the only one they had. Lucky to get a Made in Spain, and not worry about the new dumb tags. The SA said that she has never had a problem with cracking on these, but to take it back if it ever did and they will take care of it!

We had already checked out at the LV store and we went over to Bloomie and found this new little gem. Epi Noir Zippy Coin Purse (I really thought I was done for the day :biggrin:)

I think it will get lost inside the NV, but was more for travel and my Madeline. She is MIF, which is wonderful!!:smile:

I guess if you have to have a birthday, might as well do it in style!