My Birthday Reveal!

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I wanted to share with all of your my birthday gifts! My birthday was last month so I'm a little late with my reveal.

    I was not expecting anything H but my family surprised me!!! :yahoo:

    Thanks for letting me share with all of you. It's nice having so many wonderful people who share in my H obession.:heart:

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  2. Woohoo! I got here in time!

  3. :nuts:Oh, good! I'm here!
  4. me 2!
  5. Three!
  6. Please bear with me, I'm having techincal difficulties uploading.

    First Box,

    An H our watch with the double strap in Orange!!

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  7. OOOOO Mree congratulations!!! I didn't know your birthday was up.

    GORGEOUS watch love love love the color :smile:
  8. I LOVE the watch!!!!!!!!!!!1
  9. Next box!

    An H hour Watch in my FAVORITE H color! BLUE JEAN!!!

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  10. oh a live one

    Love the watches Mree
  11. WOW!!!! How totally fabulous!!!!!!

  12. Last box, a gift certifcate to Hermes!! Can't wait to go there!!

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  13. Group photo!! Thank you everyone for sharing in my excitement.

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  14. Oh wonderful. use and wear in the best of health and happiness. Have fun shopping at the H store with your gift certificate. What a lovely surprise. I'm so happy for you, you deserve it.

    Happy belated Birthday
  15. Fabulous!! I love the H Hour watches!! Reminds me, I need to get one in palladium/blue jean.