My Birthday reveal anyone here......

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  1. My early birthday gift:biggrin:


  2. wow...congratulations annie1!! sooo nice!
  3. thanks I had the satchel but returned it I really wanted something on the shoulder and this is made in Italy which I wanted and has the leather straps and zipper the one I was lusting after was $$$$$$
  4. Oh that's nice! I like this one better than the satchel.
  5. Congratulations and happy birthday. This bag is beautiful especially in the picture and under that light! Kudos for taking wonderful pics. :balloon:
  6. Its only taken be since the day I joined until today to actually figure out how to upload a picture I finally just use photobucket who would have thought but thanks I just sold on my 1st day on Bonzale (?) a bag so eventhough this is a b'day present I feel better about the $$
  7. beautiful bag! happy birthday!
  8. last year was the big 50 went to Cancun so something special this year also.....
  9. Beautiful congrats & Happy Birthday!
  10. Congratulations! Have been coveting this bag for a while. :smile: Enjoy it. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :flowers::balloon:
  11. Wow, beautiful bag! Congratulations on the new acquisition.
  12. gorgeous!! congrats!!! happy birthday
  13. What a beauty! Does it have a zip top?
  14. Very nice! Love it! Congrats!

  15. Yes it has a zip tip that was the one thing that I was looking for with a shoulder bag style/tote