My birthday purchases from San Marcos

  1. I went to the outlet in San Marcos and I used the wonderful gift cards that I got from my friends. I of course went way over budget but at the time I was having too much fun to care.

    Here are the pics of what I got. I found the embossed wallet in black and couple of the sa's told me they would have grabbed it if they would have seen it first.

    FYI: San Marcos had a new floorset the started today.
    Picture 284.jpg Picture 285.jpg Picture 288.jpg
  2. Wow. Nice loot. :biggrin: I also didn't know you could use giftcards at the outlets. Hmmm...
  3. Nice , glad you had a happy birthday ! I really like the bag you got
  4. OMG, new floorset at the outlets???

    Nice going. You had the bday the kept on giving!!!
  5. You can definetly use gift cards at the outlet. The store was a madhouse today, but well worth it.
  6. Congrats! Great bags.
  7. Very nice haul! I am lusting after the embossed wallet!:drool:
  8. Wow! You must have had a blast-great purchases!
  9. great stuff.. love that embossed wallet
  10. Thanks ladies. I love the embossed wallet also. When I went to the store the first time I had purchased another wallet but when I went the second time just to make sure that I did not mess anything I came accross the embossed and I knew that I had to have it. I also purchased the brown duffle in round rock a couple of weeks ago but I was able to find the matching wallet and mni skinny today.
  11. Happy Birthday! Congrats your bags are beautiful!!
  12. Congrats on your purchases. Happy birthday.
  13. Congrats & happy birthday!
  14. I love that last purse, do you remember how much it was?
  15. Quite the haul! I especially love the embossed wallet! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!