My birthday purchase!!!

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  1. congrats!
  2. Congrats ! :yes:
  3. Congrats & a very Happy Birthday to you! :balloon::Partyhat:
  4. I love Rose Pop. Seeing your pic makes me want to get one as well. Happy Belated Birthday!
  5. Gorgeous! Congrats!
  6. Congrats and happy birthday!! gotta luv rose pop its such a feel good color....
  7. congrats!
  8. Congrats & Happy Birthday, I LVoe this colour I'm still yet to get something from it!
  9. Happy Birthday....yummy colour. :P
  10. great color! congrats! and happy birthday!:balloon:
  11. it's soo pretty!congrats and happy birthday
  12. AWWW B, I missed your birthday!!!! I love your new purchase!! Call me! and
    Happy Birthday happydance ::drinkup::dothewave::party::urock::Partyhat::Partyhat::rochard::jammin:
  13. Happy Birthday, beljwl! The ZCP is so cute and rose pop is a gorgeous color!
  14. ooooh totaly Lvoe it!!1let me know how u like it bec i reeealy liike it!!!
  15. Congrats I love rose pop! Happy Birthday!