My birthday pressssiess!!!

  1. So i had my birthday last week, of course i had to get something for myself. I got myself a mc shirley in black in the best colour combination ever! My boyfriend got me a vernis violette pochette cles. Here they are, the new additions to the family.
    IMG00121.jpg IMG00124.jpg IMG00127.jpg IMG00130.jpg IMG00131.jpg
  2. one more pic
  3. Congrats!!! Very nice!
  4. congrats... it looks great on you... :tup:
  5. OH very nice! I love your shirley. Happy belated bday also! :party:
  6. by the way, i can't find the date code on the shirley, does anybody know where it is?
  7. Oooh, the MC Shirley and Violette Pochette Cles. :drool:

    They are both absolutely gorgeous .... you've got great taste.

    Congrats and Enjoy!!
  8. i lvoe it!! congrats!!! i really want one now!!!
  9. Happy birthday and congrats :heart:
  10. gorgeous, congrats! and happy birthday!
  11. Congrats .. happy birthday too:heart:
  12. Happy Birthday to YOU! I love the vernis violette pochette cles-makes me want to go shopping again. Enjoy.
  13. Oh Happy birthday meeeks...ofcourse it's rude to ask a lady about her age so I'm gonna pass that detail...and what a lucky lady
    Congratulations...they are both gorgeous...I especially like the cles...although the shirley is magnificent as well
    Wear them in good health...
  14. Congrats, I think the Shirley is an amazing clutch!

    I am in love with that vernis violette pochette, I WANT ONE!!! She is gorgeous :tup: