My birthday presents :)

  1. Hi LV lovers!!
    I'd like to show you my birthday gifts!
    The first one is from my sweet sweet Boyfriend,the second one is from me :smile:
    regali 006.jpg bandeau 022.jpg regali 009.jpg regali 011.jpg
  2. Say hello to...
    regali 013a.jpg regali 014a.jpg
  3. agenda ?
  4. Congrats! Happy Birthday, and cute clés!
  5. What a wonderful Boyfriend! Happy Birthday!
  6. new Pochette Cles Monogram Groom!:wlae:

    (with me and my speedy!)
    regali 016a.jpg regali 017a.jpg regali 023a.jpg 691835383_ce98c69040_m.jpg
  7. congrats!!!!!! super cute!
  8. and here is my gift:

    Bandeau Etoile Gris!:heart:
    bandeau 003a.jpg bandeau 008a.jpg bandeau 007a.jpg bandeau 017a.jpg
  9. Very nice, congrat's.
  10. Those are fabulous....congrats!
  11. Happy Birthday and great gifts:heart:
  12. Happy Birthday! and a big Congrats!!
  13. Congrats on the groom and the etoile!!
  14. very nice! Congrats!!!!!
  15. Happy birthday and nice gifts.