My Birthday present

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  1. Hello
    Today is my 28th birthday and this is what i got for my birthday from my dear hubby.I have really wished for it for such a long time and i finally have it:yahoo:

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  2. Happy Birthday!

    Gorgeous present:smile:
  3. It's beautiful! Happy Birthday!! Did you get to pick it out or did he? It's a nice color combo
  4. Wonderful, gongratulations on the bag and your b-day!
  5. Happy Birthday! Pretty Bag!:party:
  6. Happy Birthday!!!! :party: :drinks: Such a sweet hubby and congrats on the new bag, it's gorgeous:love:
  7. Happy Birthday :smile:

    And your bag is nice
  8. Happy Birthday! What a precious bag!:love:
  9. super cute. happy birthday!
  10. Happy Birthday...Enjoy your beautiful present for years to come!
  11. Congrats! Happy b-day!!!
  12. heyyy!! happy birthday!

    nice looking birthday gift you have there! congrats!
  13. Thank you ladies

    br00kelynx vbmenu_register("postmenu_1291103", true); :I wanted a piece from multicolour so i used to check online,i decided on Audra(Not sure if its correct name)didnt like it was too small.Went back online decided on Alma and priscila.When so oth on them i decided the bag i wanted was Priscila and then he promised ot buy me for my birthday and he did
  14. Happy birthday!!!Congrats on this this bag, pretty color combo
  15. aww that is soo cute!
    happy birthday!!
    And I LOVE the shape, I havent seen that style around at all! very cute.. congrats!