My Birthday Present

  1. To myself --

    :lol: :lol:
  2. OH MY GOD! That is absolutely stunning! Congrats and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You should send yourself a "thank you gift" too! Another excuse to shop!
  3. LOVE it! Happy Birthday FR!!! What a great present!
  4. yourself have good taste you must really thank her.:yahoo:
  5. Awww Happy Birthday!

    hehe what a lovely present to...yourself! :smile:
  6. Wow, love it!!!

    Happy Birthday!!:heart:
  7. Thanks, ladies! Gazoo - what a great idea! It would only be good manners to give me a thank you gift for such a wonderful present!!
  8. Happy Birthday! Gorgeous present to one's self - lol!!! Congrats
  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Funny !!! Beautiful kelly :love: !!! Enjoy her well !
  10. Love it! Happy Birthday. That is a really good purchase and you will get much use of it. Drinks all around:drinks:
  11. Nicely done!!
  12. YAAY!!!!! What a BEAUTY!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FRR!!!! Isn't it GREAT to buy yourself a birthday gift? You never disappoint yourself!!!!!! I Love that this the JPG Kelly Clutch or the Lounge? I just love it, will get a lot of use from that beauty!!!!!
  13. Well first of all :yahoo: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!:yahoo:

    2nd: CONGRATULATIONS!! she's so CUTE!, and LOVELY!:heart:
  14. Happy Birthday, and Congratulations! She's a beauty!
  15. Happy Birthday!!! That clutch is just WOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!
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