My birthday present...

  1. So today is my birthday and my boyfriend's present to me is a trip to Paris! We're leaving this weekend and he told me that he's paying for it as a present. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    Now I can really shop! I'm so excited I just had to share.
  2. What a great gift!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Have a fun & safe trip & remember to take some great pictures to share with all of us.
  3. How sweet! Have fun, happy birthday!!
  4. Wow! Congrats! Have a blast!
  5. Happy Birthday, and what a fantastic present!
  6. Happy Birthday! and what a great present! One time my bf & I spent Valentines Day in Paris, it was fabulous. You'll love it!
  7. Wowser!!!

    Fabulous pressie! Have a wonder time in Paris and be sure to show us ya spoils when you get back! :yes:
  8. Wow!! That's an awesome present!! have fun!
  9. [​IMG]

    What a great BF!! Have fun & enjoy your fabulous gift.
  10. Wow! Congrats and happy birthday! Boyfriend sounds like a keeper!
  11. That is too sweet!! You have a fabulous boyfriend!!! Have a great time and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
  12. Aw, thanks everyone!!!
  13. Happy birthday!!! :party:

    That's such an amazing bday present, lucky girl!!

    Have fun and buy lots!!!!!!!
  14. Happy birthday!!!!

  15. aww congrats! what a loving guy!, hes very generous lol. I received a trip to Paris for me and a friend for my birthday from my parents (16th birthday..) I chose my mom, and had the best time of my life!
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