My Birthday Present

  1. This was my husband's birthday present to me. This is my first speedy/azur piece. (Definetly not my last) There are few LV sightings here, much less azur. I love to see people looking at my new baby! I can't stop looking at her myself. This is my first hand bag, so I am still getting used to it. ;)
    LV Photos.jpg
  2. Happy birthday^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^:smile:
    I love azur! CongratS!
  3. Happy Birthday:party: & Contratulations on a beautiful bag!!
  4. Happy B-Day!! Congrats on your new purse!! She's a beauty!!
  5. happy birthday and congratsssssssss.....
  6. hapi b'day ! and congrats on the bag !
  7. Happy birthday ! :graucho:
  8. happy birthday to you,this is nice!
  9. Happy Birthday! Congrats on your beautiful bag!
  10. Happy birthday and congrats on a classic beauty, I love Azur!
  11. Happy Birthday & Congrats!!
    I love the Azur Speedy heheh ;)
  12. happy birthday! it's gorgeous, congrats!
  13. It's gorgeous, I really want an azur bag! What a great hubby:love:
  14. Happy Birthday Girl and congrats on Azur Speedy
  15. Congrats! & Happy birthday! The speedy is such a great bag.