My birthday present (to myself)!

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  1. Perhaps because it's Fall and the weather is cooling down, I have been thinking about getting a suede bag (my first one), preferable in a deep jewel tone color. When I saw this bag (thanks to the MJ Finds thread), I fell in love! The gorgeous deep purple with gold hardware is just beautiful. It's even more pretty in real life. I have never seen this bag before and wanted to share it with my fellow MJ lovers! Does anyone know what season it is from? Also, can anyone advise on how to best treat a suede bag before carrying it? Thank you!

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  2. Congrats, it looks fab on you!
  3. Wow! What a perfect fall bag! Love the color and the size is just right on you. Not sure what season it's from but I'm sure someone will chime in. I believe there are suede protectant sprays you can purchase but I haven't used one on a bag before so hopefully someone else can advise. Congrats on your new beauty and happy birthday!
  4. Oh and Happy Birthday!
  5. wow it is a great fall color! congrats!

  6. :Partyhat: happy birthday!
  7. Happy Birthday! It looks great. Congrats on your new bag :biggrin:
  8. Great bag!! Happy birthday!!
  9. Happy birthday! I love the rich color and it looks so soft. Congrats!
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    Ooooo - I love this bag!! I used to have one myself!!
    it's called the Kate and it's from the 2004 F/W season
    I had it in Washed Rose and the leather was so amazingly soft!!!
    It's a great shape and size and it's really easy to carry
    You chose a gorgeous color as well (the jewel tones that season were just amazing!!)

    as far as protecting the leather, I just sprayed it with an all weather leather protector, i.e., Kiwi's Super Protector. It's safe to use on most leathers, including suede. I never had any issues with mine and I used it quite a bit - when I finally sold it, it still looked as good as new!

    What a great find!!:tup:

    BTW: Happy Bday!!!:Partyhat::balloon:
  11. Thank you everyone! I was really lucky to find it.

    iluvmybags - thank you so much for the info! It's really helpful to hear from someone who had the bag. I really do love the shape and size - it's perfect (and in great condition for a bag from 2004)!
    I will look for Kiwi's Super Protector, hopefully that will keep it looking great.
  12. Happy birthday! Love the color, it's so rich.

  13. you're welcome!!
    here's a link for the spray!
    one of the things I really like about this, is that it sprays on dry so it doesn't darken or change the color of the leather!!
  14. Gorgeous timeless bag! Looks great on you-congrats!
  15. Congrats on both the pretty bag and your birthday! :drinkup: