My Birthday Present to Myself

  1. Hi there!

    Today I am celebrating my 31st birthday and I decided I am going to spoil myself with a gorgeous bag for my b'day :tender:..... Damier Speedy 30, I :heart: LOVE :heart: IT:yahoo: I have been thinking about this one for some time and I have to say that since joining the tPF, it has been an easy decision! I thought it might be too big but it's actually just perfect! I also have a matching Trousse Makeup (which I bought years ago!) and I have to say I think I might have to use this as an every day bag! Although I was torn between the LV Monogram Speedy 30 and the Damier, I realized in my collection I have a beautiful Viva-Cite GM and MM Agenda and since I only have one piece in the Damier collection why not add another? Plus since I already own a Damier Trousse Makeup, why not match the piece? :idea:

    Please feel free to comment and enjoy the photos!
    DSC00010.jpg DSC00013.jpg
  2. Great choice - and happy birthday!
  3. Congrats! I love Damier!
  4. It is gorgeous! Happy Birthday!! :nuts:
  5. Happy birthday! Love the speedy.
  6. Happy 31st. Lovely made me realize I should get something in Damier.
  7. happy birthday to you! i love your birthday present. have fun sweetie.
  8. Happy Birthday! Enjoy it!
  9. beautiful choice....congrats...and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  10. Happy Birthday!!! That is a gorgeous bag! Great choice!:yes:
  11. Happy Birthday! that's a lovely present to yourself... what a beautiful bag!
  12. You can't go wrong with the damier speedy:wlae:
  13. Ooh I love it! Happy Birthday & Congrats !!! :biggrin:
  14. Thank You All for the birthday wishes!!

    I will def. enjoy my new Speedy and I have to thank tPF for helping me (and somewhat encouraged me) to go for this! I never thought about this bag until recently :yes:

    THANK YOU ALL!!!:yahoo:
  15. Everyone deserves a special treat on their birthday.:happydance:
    Happy Birthday!