my birthday present to myself


Orange Pyramid
May 24, 2006
Hi, all! I post mostly in Hermes and that's what I've been buying lately, but I just HAD to have this bag when I saw it at Nordstrom. I had been working so hard at my new job and had so much other stuff going on in my life that I didn't have time to think of my birthday, which was on Halloween. I happened to be at Nordstrom the day after, and I saw this bag in black, which was snatched from right under my nose. The really sweet SA said there was a "khaki" one and would I like her to check if other stores had it? I said yes, but I couldn't imagine the bag in "khaki", and she said it wasn't really khaki, but a dark bronze with brushed bronze-gold hardware. She said she had one in the store, but had sold it just a few hours before I came in. I said it sounded pretty, and go ahead and check other stores. Having been a Nordies shopper for more than a decade, I knew I could return it if I didn't like it. The SA found it at another store and told me it would be shipped and would arrive in 5-8 business days. It arrived in 4 days (including the weekend)! I saw it and couldn't believe how gorgeous it was! Here it is, my "khaki" small Cabas bag!



Earth to Bella
Mar 22, 2006
Congratulations! Happy Birthday! The cabas is such a great bag.


Aug 2, 2006
Syracuse , New York
Eek!!! I'm loving all these purchases by everybody!!! That bronze is the bomb!!!!! So happy for you..wish it was in my collection!!! Enjoy her!!