My birthday present... to myself!

  1. So here I am a week from my birthday and I've managed to squirrel away $2500 for my first Chanel purse. :heart:

    But I'm not sure what to get! The purses I wanted a year ago are cycling out of style.

    I see the thread about the GST and Classic Flap going up in price soon. Is it worth it to go and invest in one? I was going to wait for my birthday to buy, but maybe I could make it out to NYC this weekend.

    It just feels so weird to have $2500 to spend on one purse. I think the most I've ever spent before was $1000!

    And NOBODY seems to understand or be excited for me. Everyone seems to have a list of things that would be better to buy. :cursing:

    Anyways, I'm really excited!
  2. aww i'm excited for you too!! I love the GST! Its totally on my wishlist right now too. Its ok, everyone I know would tell me i'm completely insane if i ever told them I wanted to spend over $200 for a bag, much less closer to $2000. Thats why you have tPF :yes: . I think the GST is a gorgeous classic bag that will never go out of style. You should hurry though, they are quite hard to find right now, especially the black ones. Good luck!
  3. Very exciting - have fun! I bought myself a Chanel for my 30th bday!
  4. I say treat yourself to a gorgeous Chanel! Visit the stores and try a few different styles/colors on and see which bag sings to you. Happy hunting & happy birthday!
  5. Happy BD :yes:
  6. Ooooooo...that is SUPER exciting!!! :woohoo:

    I think you should try both bags on and buy the one that you just LOVE and can't put down!!! :yes: :yahoo:

  7. :roflmfao: I'll end up buying them both!

    I'm getting butterflies.
  8. oooh, that is sooo exciting!
    GST is such a lovely bag, but i like the modern chain too :p
  9. look through the reference library and get some inspiration from there :yes: then make it down to the store during the weekend and u will be all SET!! :yes: Rem to post pics!!
  10. How exciting that you'll be able to walk into Chanel and buy a bag for your Birthday! Have fun and then hurry back with pics to tell us all about it!:wlae:
  11. YAY! Congrats and welcome to Chanel! :yahoo:
    Go to the boutique and have a look around you will no doubt find a bag that will tug at your heart strings lol!
    Both the GST and Classic Flap are fabulous choices for you first Chanel!
    Enjoy your shopping trip, let us know what you deceide on!
  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Can I just say I love your avatar?? :drinkup:
  13. :lol: Love how you put that

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    you simply can't go wrong with either bag.
    look forward to hearing what you decided on :smile:
  14. Happy Birthday to you and I know you will love it!
  15. Happy early Birthday!:balloon:

    I would be soooo excited too!:yahoo:
    You can't go wrong with a Chanel! :yes:
    The GST and classic flap are great picks- be sure to post pics when you get your bag!