My birthday present to me - ERGO TOTE!!

  1. I had lots to celebrate the last few days - my birthday yesterday and handing in the first draft of my PhD thesis to my committee last Thursday. Plus, I had some birthday money from my mother-in-law, so of course I hit Coach yesterday.

    I came home with the large Ergo tote in camel. I was very tempted by the large canvas Carly in natural/cognac but decided to go with the Ergo. Holy cow, it's HUGE! The picture below has my basic stuff for a day at my office - couple of mini skinnies, medium beauty case, agenda, keys, cell, sunglasses, magazine, water bottle, and lunch (I put in an empty Tupperware container just to give an idea of size). All of that stuff barely filled the bag to a third of the way full! The straps are very easy to get onto my shoulder. I needed something I could sling onto my shoulder without using both hands and this goes on perfectly. Also, even though the outside pocket is flat, because the leather is soft and slouchy, I can fit my keys in it with no problem.

    I also tried out the small Ergo tote but the strap drop was smaller than in the large tote so it didn't go on my shoulder as easily. Also, I was able to fit all that stuff in it but it was filled right to the top. Same with the Legacy Slim Tote, and signature Shoulder Tote. All of it fit in the Carly with tons of room left over, but I was really looking for something open on top and with straps that are comfortable to carry in my hand, as well as on my shoulder.

    Here are the pictures - enjoy! For reference, I'm 5'5" and about 130lbs. I wasn't 100% sure I was in love with it in the store, but it's really growing on me, especially now seeing it in these pictures :p .

    Ergo on shoulder from side anon.JPG Ergo on shoulder from front anon.JPG Ergo.jpg Ergo with stuff.jpg Ergo inside with stuff.jpg
  2. Happy Birthday!!! Beautiful tote. I know exactly what you mean about the size. I got the large in black and carried it a few times this week. My stuff was just bouncing all around in the bottom. That means you need to buy more accessories! :wlae:
  3. Its gorgeous! Happy birthday! That tote looks so roomy and the lining is beautiful.
  4. Good choice!! I love the ergos, it looks fabulous on you. I have the turquoise, trust me, you soon find things to fill it up with. I'm hauling around like half of my household now and loving it!
  5. Congrats on your bag! Happy Birthday too!
  6. It looks great on you!! Congrats and Happy Birthday!!!

    And a special congrats for your PhD Thesis! :yahoo:
  7. I Love that bag in Camel. It looks great on you. Happy B-Day!
  8. Congrats and Happy Birthday!! The Ergo tote is soo cute & super practical too since it holds so much!!
  9. It's so pretty! Happy Birthday!!!!
  10. congrats on everything!! the bag looks GREAT on you.
  11. happy birthday!!! it looks awsome
    i have the turquoise and i love it
    but the camel color i had to go back and buy the small hobo in it cause its SUCH an aamzing color
    !:smile: and congrads on handing in the Thesis I KNOW you are relieved to have it done!
  12. you are so lucky lucky lucky! happy birthday! you look very cute in the picture with the tote. it goes with your body type/height very well. and the inside lining is so fun looking. WOW look how much you can fit inside your bag! i don't think i'd ever be able to fit so many things in any of my bags. Hope there's enough compartments inside where you can organize things. Congrats with your baggie!
  13. What a great gift to yourself! You certainly deserve it!

    It is HUGE!
  14. Thanks everyone!!!

    helpl!!!slush - I looked at the pictures of your Ergo several times! Yours and blackbutterfly's pictures were the ones that made me start really liking the Ergo and decide to check it out. Anyway, yes, I'm sooo relieved to have that thesis off my hands for a while. It still has to go through some revisions once I get it back, and I won't be defending until July, but you can bet there'll be a BIG Coach spree for me then!

    Aquablueness - thanks so much! I was worried it was too big on me since I'm not used to carrying something so light-coloured and big, but I'm feeling better about it now.

    Graberg - yup, I definitely need more accessories to fill it up. I like the way you think!
  15. hehe YAY im so glad me and blackbutterflys pics enabled you to make the plunge and buy it cause it really looks great on you and is the best bag ever, ive used my SO much already just perfect! :smile:

    The revisions will not feel so bad after all the work you did to get this draft in,and o my I CANT WAIT :smile: to see your big shopping spree for when its finally over and you can defend those are the most rewarding trips to coach when you know you arent just splurging and you know you FULLY DESERVE that shopping trip