My Birthday present :) Speedy 30 Mulitcolore

  1. [​IMG]
    BEAUTIFUL bag!!

    and an earlier present:

    Cruise Troussee Rayee with strap :smile:
  2. OH MY GOD.
    I love the Cruise Troussee Rayee!
    Too cute.

    I'm an MC Speedy owner myself.
    But the black is just so stunning.
  3. Congrats! Happy Birthday!
  4. congrats.... beautiful presents! happy birthday!:smile:
  5. I saw the white one, it is soooo elegant!!
  6. I think I just read and replied to as well as drooled over, all of your posts! All of your new acquisitions are beyond gorgeous! Congrats and Happy Birthday!

    BTW, how much was Cruise Troussee Rayee? It's really cute!
  7. Congrats!!!!!Happy Birthday.
  8. Oh wowsers .. what amazing presents. LOVE the black MC speedy!!!
  9. Wow, those are some honkin' nice birthday presents!
  10. Happy Birthday! What a phenomenal present! I LOVE black MC.
  11. $500 with strap :smile: at the Cancun LV store :smile: my dh stated that they were the same price here, but sold out here in the states. I really like it! It is perfect when I don't want to take out a big bag :smile: holds my camera, keys and money :smile:
  12. Beautiful Black MC Speedy...I used to have the white one but I have always had a love for the black one....makes me want it all over again!:love:
  13. Happy Birthday!! You are a lucky girl to receive vuitton as present, I wish I can tell all my friends and relatives to get me one~~ Enjoy your presents!!!
  14. Happy Birthday and Congrats!
    I love both items!
  15. nice birthday gift !!