My birthday present reveal!!

  1. I got a wonderful MbMJ bag for my birthday from my mum, dad and boyfriend. Who is up for a reveal? :smile::smile:
  2. :popcorn::popcorn::popcorn:

    Hi, Ms. Lorna!
  3. :balloon:Bring her out! Happy (belated?) birthday!
  4. Here you go! My new Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Pixie in Coral! I wasn't sure on the handle at first, but as it turns out, I love that part of it now! Ha ha. And thanks for the belated birthday wish! I will post full outfit photos soon!
    marc-jacobs-pixie.jpg marc-by-marc-jacobs-pixie.jpg
  5. How cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And I LOVE the color!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. So cute!! "Pixie" has to be the cutest bag name ever and the color is beautiful!! Congratulations!
  7. Thank you! She is adorable! And here are the modelling photos which I took for my blog. I wore it out for my birthday meal, I couldn't wait to. Ha ha!
    lorna-burford.jpg lorna-burford-birthday 3.jpg birthday 11.jpg birthday 5.jpg
  8. Wow, so cute, thx for sharing these pics! Love the color, it's an adorable bag for sure! I like your bracelets and watch combo too, I've been wanting a rose gold watch for awhile now. Yours looks great clustered next to the pretty bracelets.
  9. Super cute! It looks great on you. BTW, I have you to thank for my Berry Haze Natasha. Your pics were the only ones I came across that were actually true to color and looked way better than those on all the retail sites :smile: Enjoy your bag and happy birthday!
  10. Happy Birthday this is super cute
  11. that color is stunning! congrats and happy belated birthday!
  12. Glad you like it! Oh mines actually a Marc by Marc Jacobs watch too! The Blade Chrono Rose Gold. I have attached a photo of it here! I bought it for myself as a birthday gift!

    Oh I'm glad you got it! Isn't the colour amazing? I love it so much!
    arm-swag-candy.jpg marc-by-marc-jacobs-blade-chrono-rose-gold.jpg rose-gold-watch.jpg marc-by-marc-jacobs-blade-chorno.jpg
  13. So cute!!! Happy birthday!!
  15. Thanks everyone!