my birthday present from lv is on it's way!

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  1. :biggrin: yay! i'm way too excited over this. dh said that it will be arriving tommorow and being shipped to me at work (because of having to sign for it). i don't know what it is but he did give the go ahead to open it up. i do know that we had been discussing (correction: i had been hinting at) the green denim baggy gm & the white mc alma.
  2. awww lUCKY YOU...whatta sweet husband!!
  3. Wow great pieces! Congrats, can't wait to see pics!
  4. OMG!!! Happy birthday!!! I am excited FOR YOU!!!:lol:
  5. thankyou! i know he didn't get both of them, just one. i have no clue which one though. hopefully i'll get to purchase the other one on vacation (vegas in july).
  6. that reminds me too...i have no pics on here. making a mental note to find batteries and take pics of my little collection plus the newly added baby tommorow.
  7. what a great gift to receive while at work!
  8. Vegas? You're making my heart race, just thought of shopping in Vegas gets me excited. Have a great trip, I won't be there until Dec. :sad:

    Happy b-day btw!
  9. Happy Birthday! I can't wait to see what you get.
  10. Happy Birthday! :flowers: Congrats on your present, I can't wait to see pics.
  11. How wonderful!!!! Happy Birthday!!! Your dh is SO sweet!
  12. we end up going to vegas every year. i can't wait either. i'll probably be asleep for the first two days though. :shame:
  13. Happy B'day!!! So excited for you!! You've got a really sweet hubby! :smile:
  14. Happy Birthday! Don't forget to post pics.
  15. Oh you are one lucky girl! Let us know what it is as soon as you know.

    Oh and I will be in Vegas in July as well :smile:
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