My Birthday Present from DH and the kids

  1. Our first time shopping at the Chanel boutique was really enjoyable. DH wanted to get me a special birthday present and normally I go for LV but this time nothing was really calling me so we went over to the next shop which was Chanel. I was surprised with how friendly the SAs were, playing with my son and passing him around so I could try on the bags. Luckily he is generally a happy baby so he laughed the entire time making the SAs all giggle. Of course the little cookies they gave him helped, hehe. Eventually we decided that if this were to be my one and only Chanel, I'd want it to be a classic. The SA mentioned the bag used by Coco Chanel and I was sold or should I say dh was sold, lol. He got me the black classic caviar medium/large flap bag with gold hardware for my birthday gift and we decided that my kids would get me a compact wallet to use with this bag.

    At the end of the sale, the SA was generous giving perfume samples and extra cookies and napkins to take along for baby. The experience at Chanel was awesome and so is the follow up. I've already gotten a thank you card from my SA. DH is happy about how this little item has already increased in value, lol. :tup:
    cbw.jpg cbw1.jpg cbw3.jpg cbw4.jpg cbw5.jpg
  2. Aww I saw that wallet! The metallic finish on it is gorgeous! Congrats on your awesome classic flap too! :yes:

    Oh, and happy birthday!
  3. The rest of my birthday loot.
  4. Thanks missisa, it fits nicely in the bag.
  5. Congrats and Happy Birthday!
  6. Ahh, everything looks so nice!!!! How sweet of your Dh and your kids.

    One good thing about going to the boutique vs Saks/ NM is that the boutique SAs do gift wraps beautifully.

    Oh, and happy birthday!
  7. Thanks allbrandspls and lv_forever! I agree the wrapping on the purse is so nice. I was surprised to see all the folded tissue paper. The camellias were also a nice touch.
  8. That is soo sweet from your dh and kids you made a great choice to get a classic Chanel- congrats and have a nice birthday
  9. I never got camellias on my ribbon. Maybe I'll ask for one next time lol.
  10. Happy Birthday and congrats on the new bag!
  11. Gorgeous purchases and it sounds like you had a fantastic experience there too.

    Congratulations, and happy birthday.
  12. Your DH sounds sooooooo sweet.

    Happy BIrthday. Enjoy your presents :smile:
  13. Congrats Beautiful bag and wallet..Happy Birthday :tup:
  14. Great story and such wonderful goodies! Great choices.
  15. Happy birthday and nice bag!! Congrats!