my birthday present & birthday cake **pictures**

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  1. happy b-lated birthday!!~
  2. Happy bday and congrats!!!
  3. congrats on your birthday and on all nice LV present!! nothing nicer than LV on your birthday! :smile:
  4. you cake looks so yummy! and what a beautiful pochette and extender - looks like you had a wonderful day!!!
  5. Happy Birthday! Congrats!
  6. Yay !!!!!! My friend will send me the accordeon chain because she tried to buy it at her LV boutique and her SA really helpful to sell the golden chain to her. She will send me later.

    I really excited now and want to say "THANK YOU" to her, she is one of the member in tPF. Guess who?

    My pochette will look pretty with the chain definitely. Thanks to my friend, you are so kind and helpful. I wish you in good health and enjoy your day !

    from: tryagain
  7. Congratulations & Happy Birthday! The cake looks really yummy. :biggrin:
  8. yes, the cake was so yummy and i ate a large piece... and also a big strawberry, sweet and juicy....
  9. Congratulations, seems like a perfect day.
    Yummy cake!!
  10. congrats! that cake looks SO delicious!
  11. Congrats! The cake looks delicious.
  12. Congrats! And Happy Birthday! :smile:
    Glad to hear a TPFer helped you get the gold chain! :yahoo:
  13. happy birthday!
  14. Fabulous!!!
  15. Yummy looking cake! Happy birthday and congrats on your new LV!