my birthday present & birthday cake **pictures**

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  1. Happy Birthday and Congrats!!
  2. Happy Birthday :yahoo: Yummy cake :nuts: And you nephews look adorable :heart:
  3. congrats and happy birthday!
  4. super cute
  5. congrats and happy b-day!

    love the pics, too! :biggrin:
  6. oh how lovely!
    happy birthday!

    Hey, go to a different sa or store and tell them you need a REPLACEMENT chain, not that you just wwant to buy one right out.
  7. wow! i love your cake! lol

    Happy Bday!
  8. I'm hungry, I would love to have a piece of that :drool:

    Nice bag btw! I have the same one and love it, hope you will do to!
  9. Happy Birthday and Enjoy!
  10. Happy Birthday and Congrats for your new 'baby' :smile:
  11. Thanks for the pics! Cute nephews! Yummy cake!!!
  12. Am in awe of your sister's talent! What a beautiful cake, those strawberries look yum. And your pochette is lovely too ;)
  13. Happy Birthday. Very cute bag and your sister made you a beautiful cake. I hope you enjoyed your day.
  14. Happy Birthday! :yahoo: I love your presents!

    your sister is a very talented cake make/decorater!!
  15. happy birthday!!! congrats on your new bag!!!